Elexi is an exciting artist who hails from a rich musical lineage.  In fact, it was clear from a young age that music was in her blood.   Born Alexis Arielle Adrian Williams on March 19, 1998 in Fairfield, California, this burgeoning talent comes from a long line of skilled musicians.  With an African American father and white mother, her musical influences are as diverse as her background.  Her mom, Lisa Adrian, worked with Pebble as a respected vocalist at the height of the 1980’s music scene. 


Elexi began singing at age three, trying in earnest to match her mom note for note during Phantom of the Opera.  As part of her training, ten-year-old Lexi learned to read music and played the clarinet. Always looking for new ways to push her talent, she strove to make the oboe her next goal. In short order, Elexi found success with this double reed instrument as she continues her pursuit of musical excellence.


Elexi has always stood out among her peers, even beyond her considerable talent. As a teenager of mixed race in the predominantly white suburb of Fairfax, CA, she wrestled with the issues of identity, race and culture. 


She earned “Musician of the Year” in high school owing in no small part to her command of the stage and audience. Elexi’s vocal chops are matched only by her leadership as she empowers others to tap into their potential.



Elexi also trained in musical theater at Missouri Street Theatre and enjoyed the rigorous schedule and demands of summer training camps. It was there that she climbed from the choral support roles to center stage as lead characters in productions of Fiddler on the Roof and Island Princess.

Elexi is supported by a renowned team of professionals who believe in her talent and add even more artistic mastery to her team. They include photographer John Kaemmerling, PR representative Valerie Denise Jones and makeup artist Tracy Taylor.  As part of her continuing artistic growth, Elexi trains with renowned vocal instructor Amber Morris of San Rafael while performing in program showcase. Elexi has high expectations of excellence in all she does and works to inspire her team to uphold the same standards. 


Elexi is currently songwriting with a variety of musicians and producers. Always on the lookout for meaningful collaborations, she is available to book for opening shows and tours. As she continues to make her mark in the music industry, Elexi is also exploring opportunities in modeling and acting as well as hosting shows and events. 

Other proven talent spotters have taken notice as well. Upon meeting Marcellus “Handz Down” Dawson, Elexi quickly began collaborating with him on writing and recording five songs at Pajama Studios. Building on her performance on these tracks, Elexi co-produced a music video for GYGG with Adrian Cicerone of Rookhill Productions to showcase the talent of ELEXI.  The cast and crew of the music video watched her come alive on camera and transform her Disney dreams into ELEXI magic. Elexi embodies the new age of Disney princess: beautiful and poised but never at the expense of her innate commitment to defending the voiceless.  

Currently, Elexi balances her music career with a demanding course load. Getting her start at Marin County Community College, where she is a philosophy major, she has immediate goals to pursue a graduate degree at Santa Cruz State. Her ultimate goal is to make her mark as a successful entertainment attorney. Elexi is driven by a desire to guide artists as they navigate the entertainment industry while shaping the future of music.